Race Driver Pro Testimonials

Having been a race car driver for over 40 years and driven on many tracks on three continents, I know how important it is to keep data. The race driver program is great. It gives you event dates, it lets you record and compare lap times and it gives very helpful hints with the Handling Wizard. ...A great program that I strongly recommend to any race car driver. Thanks for offering it.

Ed Swart
1970 2-Liter Sportscar Champion
3 time European Touring Car Champion
Chevron B-19

This is an absolute GREAT program for racers! Thanx!

Gary Martz

Sweet product!! I've been looking for a product like this for a year.

Rich Bateman

Wow! Thanks for creating Race Driver software. I have tried for the last few years to keep track of race setups, track times and costs, but ended up juggling folders and pieces of paper that were never around when I needed them. I have found that the Notes feature in track time results has helped both in setting up the car, and improving lap times through improving my driving. Also, I think I can reduce some of my future travel and lodging costs, now that they are in the database. This program will pay for itself many times over. Again, thanks for the good work.
Bob Wass
#85 Alfa Romeo GTV B/S

Keeping track of three (3) Vintage Alfa Romeos and one (1) BMW can be quite a task for the crew. Each car is owned by separate individuals which makes it a nightmare tracking costs, unless you have Race Driver! Race Driver allows you to individually monitor times for each car at each track for present and past events and enables drivers/crews to strategize. Tire pressures can be monitored and reviewed by even recording the track and ambient temperatures. Race Driver eliminates the scraps of jotted notes and effeciently organizes all pertinent informaition. You can print a copy to review and discuss with your crew. Race Driver takes one part of the stress away from the craziness of racing and keeps the crew calm and organized.


Great software! I use it to run two drivers on our team. I can't trust them to remember what they were doing two months ago, so I can look it up and right away see what tire pressures worked and who did what. No guessing, they are fast right out of the box. The lap time charts are wonderful! Keep up the great work, this is by far the best software around.

Pieter R.
Team Manager

Excellent! Four Star Rating

Vintage Racecar Journal (Review)

Thanks....I installed the software on my PC to see what it was all about. It is awesome and very user friendly. Thanks.

Mark Scott
1967 Porsche 911S