RACE Manager - Sample Reports

The report examples below give you an idea of the capabilities of Race Manager, and these are only a sampling of some of the reports. Click on a link below to jump to a specific report or scroll down to view all.

Membership Listing:

Membership Listing

This is one of the main reports from the administrative side and it is controlled by a Select and Sort screen that offers you the opportunity to choose which combination of members you want to see, e.g. Member Status, Group, Member Type, and how you wish to sort.

Account Statement:

Account Statement

You can run the Member's Account Statement anytime, and if you use the tagging function you can select individual members to print.

Entry List by Class:

Entry List by Class

Sorted by Class, then by Driver, the Entry List by Class report is run for a specific event. Since the Group may change event by event, this report is useful because it shows the Class the member's car is assigned to.

Entry List by Group:

Entry List by Group

Sorted by Group, then by Driver, the Entry List by Group report is run for a specific event. Since the Group may change event by event, this report is necessary because it shows the Group the member's car is currently assigned to. In the example below the first Group shows all the drivers that have yet to be assigned.

Entry List with Hometown:

Entry List with Hometown

Similar to the Entry List by Group, this report is appreciated by sponsors or local media.

Registration Problems:

Registration Problems

How do you keep track of the drivers on a race weekend when they are checking in, and know who needs to renew, who is on suspension and who hasn't paid yet? The Registration Problems Report tracks medical cards (late or non-existent), licenses (late or non-existent), memberships (late or non-member) and suspension issues. Since you can run this report anytime, a last-minute report will reflect last-minute entries.

Reconciliation Report:

Reconciliation Report

Whether or not your organization is for-profit, when you want to know exactly the revenue of a specific event the Reconciliation Report is unbeatable. This report reflects all the detail for any category and totals it in one concise area. You can track entry fees, payments, late charges, track days, banquets and use it to cross check against your deposit slips.

Registration List:

Registration List

This report is designed to help ease registration headaches and displays all pertinent information about the entrant including membership, licensing and medical issues. Whereas the Registration Problem Report lists only drivers with issues, the Registration List includes all entrants for a given event.

Rookie Report:

Rookie Report

This report only prints for members with the Rookie box checked in the member profile and allows you to hold a driver as a rookie for as long as necessary rather than a predetermined period of time.