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Product Qty Price Order
Race Driver For competitors, Single User License 1 $99 each
Race Driver Pro For competitors, Single User License 1 $249 each
Race Driver Pro upgrade For existing Race Driver owners only 1 $149 each
Race Driver Pro Competitive Upgrade From a competing product 1 $199 each email us
Race Driver Lite For competitors, Single User License 1 FREE Download
Race Manager For organizations, Single User License 1 $1500 each
- Archive option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $199
- Email option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99
- Mailer Broadcast option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $499
- PDF option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99
- Query Wizard option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99
- Report Wizard option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99
- Spreadsheet Wizard option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99
- Import/Export option for Race Manager, per copy 1 $99

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How To Order:

  1. If you have not already done so, download the software.
  2. From the table above, click the "Buy Now" button for the product you desire; you will be able to enter a quantity on the actual order form. Optional modules are sold individually, are licensed to a specific copy of Race Manager and are not transferable from one copy to another. All licenses include unlimited email support at no charge.

Please note: all products are delivered electronically (via the Downloads page). Unless otherwise noted, you will be sent the license information via email that will activate your trial version and convert it into a permanent, fully-functioning, licensed version.


A note on licensing - When you purchase Race Manager, you may operate it on one computer. Use of Race Manager on another computer requires the purchase of an additional license. If you anticipate that you'll need to use Race Manager at the track, install your licensed copy on your laptop computer. Laptop Transfer is now included at no charge in the second license.


By popular request (demand) we are introducing a Pay-As-You-Go plan. Here's how it works - purchase Race Manager and you can divide the price into equal payments to suit your requirements and budget. Flex-Pay is a no money down, no credit check, no application, no interest purchase. To use Flex-Pay, contact us at for more information. Here's the features of Flex-Pay:

  1. It's easy! Just say you want to use Flex-Pay.
  2. Flex-Pay applies to any combination of product over $500.
  3. There's no application of any kind.
  4. There's no credit check of any kind.
  5. There's no interest or fees of any kind.
  6. Make your first payment and start using Race Manager right away!

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Our online ordering system uses SSL secure server technology to ensure that your personal information remains completely confidential during the ordering process, and we do not store credit card numbers on any of our servers. Please note that the secure server will not be active until you reach the actual Order Form page and are requested to input your personal information. Our authorized retailer is To purchase by check, email us at so we can process your order and send instructions. Company checks, depending on your location, can take up to 10 days to clear and must be mailed to us.

Money Back Guarantee

We feel our software is the best and we spend thousands of hours on development, however it may not work for you. First, test drive it - download it and try it for free! If you purchase one of our products and within 30 days you decide it's not right for you, we'll refund your money.

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