RACE Manager - Screenshots

The screen captures below give you an idea of the functionality of Race Manager. Click on a link below to jump to a specific screen or scroll down to view all.

Main Menu:


This is the main screen for Race Manager. On the left is a scroll box showing all the members, and you can sort by clicking on any of the five tabs: by Name, by Zip, by Member Type (e.g. Driver, Media), by Class or by Member #. The Add, Change and Delete buttons bring up the Individual Member's Screen. On the right are scroll boxes showing the member's telephone numbers and race car(s). Going from left to right at the bottom, the 8 tagging buttons at the bottom handle all the tagging operations. The Envelope button prints an envelope (with an address, even!) for whatever member is highlighted, in this case Gary Anderson. The Charges & Pmts button brings up the Member's Transactions Screen.

Office Related Reports:


This shows all the Office (administrative) related reports available. Any report with "Tagged Only" will only include members you have tagged. Where a specific label size has been used, we note it.

Event Related Reports:


This shows all the Event (competition) related reports available. After you choose a report, an event screen displays and you choose what event the report applies to. Where a specific label size has been used, we note it.

Individual Member's Screen:


This screen displays when you add or change a member. The 4 square buttons next to the date fields (Date Membership Issued, etc) pop-up a calendar and let you click on a date, or you can just type it in. However, instead of typing 2/21/00 for February 21, 2000 (today), you can type a 'T' and today's date is automatically filled in for you. If the date is red (Date License Issued), that date is expired according to the parameters of this club. The Active Member switch is controlled by Race Manager, and the Annual Tech, Gnd School, Magazine, Send Rules and Rookie check boxes control how this member appears in various reports - when you run the Magazine Labels, Grady Arthur will automatically be included.

Race Car Screen:


The Race Car database contains all the necessary information about a member's car(s) and if necessary allows you to track what tire and wheel sizes have been used.

Browse Member's Transactions Screen:


This screen shows all the financial transactions for a member, including when they were entered and also the event date. If a member is running 2 cars in the same event, you'll see 2 separate transactions. The Balance Due is a running total that updates continuously, giving you a snapshot of what the member owes.

Add a Transaction Screen:


This is where you enter a member for an event, select from a wide variety of transactions and also post payments. Simply check off what items apply - the amounts automatically fill in from the event you've chosen, in this case the Alfa/Porsche Challenge. In addition, the credit card # field validates the card number to ensure both you've typed it in correctly and it isn't an improper number. The batch # is useful when you process a group of members with a credit card system.

Race Group Screen:


Race cars are assigned to a specific class but you often need to combine more than one class into a group or change the run group order for each event. With Race Manager you can assign members into a run group and build your event in seconds. Run Group names (e.g. Class CP, Class EP) can easily be renamed and you can see at a glance who is in what group - Group 3 contains Formula Atlantic, Formula B and Formula Ford. You can also delete a member from a group or assign them to another.

Microsoft Excel Interface:


This is part of the Import/Export module and allows you to export data from Race Manager directly to Microsoft Excel or to an HTML page. You can specify the fields you want as well as the sort order.