Welcome to racemanager.com! We've developed several products including "Race Manager", "Race Driver Pro" and "Race Driver" which are easy to use tools for managing racing events, organizations, drivers, and more!

What is Race Manager?


Manage motorsports events, memberships, races and dues

Are you tired of using an Excel spreadsheet to manage your events? Race Manager is specifically designed for organizations to manage their motorsports events, memberships, races and dues. This easy to use software will simplify the way you run and keep track of your members and organization.

Our software allows you to do more for your organization - do more events and races, and do it more efficiently. Ships with a free interface for AMB's Orbits and ChronX timing systems. Learn more

What is Race Driver Pro?


Organize your track session data, identify strengths, go faster

Race Driver Pro is designed for the competitor or crew chief and has one simple goal - to organize your track session data so you can identify your strengths and go faster. Race Driver Pro works with cars, trucks, karting, motorcycles, R/C and more.

Track all your sessions--practice, qualifying, or race, and save data on tire temps, tire pressure, oil, water, gearing, shock/spring settings and much more. For each session, it charts you and your competitors, what they are turning in lap times and it shows how you practiced, qualified, and raced at each venue.

It also interfaces with several world-class timing systems like AMB, the MoTeC and MyChron data acquisition systems, and Alfano, iCard, Intercomp and Hot Lap timing systems. Learn more