Check out these great Race Manager Add-Ons!

AMB Interface

AMB is now the world's leading manufacturer of timing and scoring systems for almost all motorized sports with over 8000 systems sold in more than 70 countries. Race Manager automatically prepares entrant data for AMB's Timing and Scoring system so you don't have to do it manually. Free with the purchase of Race Manager.

Race Manager Motorsports membership and event management software.

Email Broadcast

This one tool will forever change the way you communicate with your members. Whether you are contacting ten or ten thousand members we have made this feature quick and easy to operate. No more envelope stuffing! No more postage to purchase. You can prepare your letters, newsletters or notes offline and send them via email. Race Manager supports all major mail formats but does not support AOL's proprietary (closed) format. Buy Now


Mailer is a complete email engine that pulls data from Race Manager, and the most notable feature is that it no longer depends on Outlook to send the emails, like Email Broadcast above. As a result you have far more flexibility with your email broadcasts. Use Mailer for letters, newsletters and your race entries! Mailer sends each recipient an individual email, you can easily embed pictures, logos and links to your website, and at the same time store and reuse emails you've designed. Additionally you can maintain groups of contacts, for example Active Members, Inactive Members, Members with expiring licenses, etc. Note - Mailer does require some setup as it communicates directly with your email server(s), and it is wise to check your ISP's daily email limit (Google's is 1000) before you purchase Mailer. Buy Now


Import or export data in different formats, to and from other programs. Highly useful for setting up the initial databases if you have been using another program. Easy and fast way to send Member or Event data to others (sponsors, board members) because it is in an Excel spreadsheet. Buy Now

Laptop Transfer

Load Race Manager onto a laptop computer and take it to an event! You can continue to manage efficiently by logging in late entrants, collecting fees and keeping track of your groups. At the end of the weekend, reverse the procedure and your office computer is updated with the changes from the race track. Free with the second (purchased) copy of Race Manager.

PDF/Email Option

The PDF Option allows you to create an Adobe PDF for most reports in Race Manager. Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) is the open de facto standard for electronic document distribution worldwide. You can choose whether or not you want to create a PDF from a report, and you don't even have to print the report - you can just select a preview. The PDF is quickly created in your root (C:\) directory with the same name as the report you are running, e.g. "Master Entry List.PDF". You can then email this PDF to anyone, or send it to your web master so people can download it from your web site, or archive your reports from event to event. Buy Now

Query Wizard

Perform customized searches using the fields in your database. For example you can search for all new members, all past volunteers, all participants of a specific event last year, or use a combination of database fields for a truly custom result. All of these queries can be saved and used again and again or further customized. A major timesaver for those managing a large database of members. Buy Now

Report Wizard

Even though Race Manager has all these great reports, there's always a need to create your own. Report Wizard will allow you to create your own reports and refine them as your needs dictate. Use a simple interface and quickly create (and save) an unlimited number of report layouts which may be filled with data at any time. Optionally specify totals or averages for numeric columns. Select from an existing sort or create last minute sorting on up to three levels. Report Wizard automatically adjusts the report to Landscape mode. Buy Now

Spreadsheet Wizard

Use a simple interface and quickly create (and save) an unlimited number of spreadsheet layouts which may be filled with data at any time. Select from an existing sort or create last minute sorting on up to three levels, and even publish web documents (in lieu of spreadsheet files) using the common spreadsheet layouts. Compatible with Microsoft Excel versions 4, 5 and 7. Status: Buy Now

PDA Export

If you have a Pocket PC (Microsoft Windows CE) based PDA, then you'll want this option. The PDA Export exports Member data, including telephones and email, for only/all the members you have tagged. You can not only select which fields you want but also the column order (left to right) and the sort order. Using Windows Explorer, simply copy the newly created Excel file onto your PDA. Very useful when you're on the road. Buy Now


As you conduct more events you may notice certain functions in Race Manager taking longer. This is normal as reports & processes collect data from the financial transactions and entry fees, and it is often more noticeable on laptop computers. The Archive option allows you to archive older data to another database - it is not deleted - and you can select an Archive-Up-To date whenever you run this option. In addition you can always view the data you have archived. Buy Now


None of these are skimpy! Any of these could easily be add-on modules, but we feel they add great value just by being free.


- You know you need to back up your data and this module is free, so you really have no reason not to. Plus, Backup/Restore is fast and fun. A real backup and restore module that automatically spans diskettes, supports archiving, saves to hard disks, allows for multiple backups to high capacity media (Zip or Jaz), tracks your backups so you can review the history and much more. This is actually a separate program; in the event of a disaster and Race Manager can't start, you can still restore your data.


- Pick and choose any member(s) you want. Use tags to mark a member or use tagging to mark specific people for membership cards or labels or even broadcast Emailing. Race Manager remembers who is tagged even when you exit the program. As an added bonus, use tagging in conjunction with the Query Wizard option for even more power.