About Us

We develop the leading Windows-based motorsports event management software, Race Manager, which allows organizations to manage their drivers, members and races.

Since 1995 Race Manager has offered a broad suite of functions to handle the membership, licensing, racing and financial tasks associated with running an event. It tracks critical dates, financial transactions, supports race groups and classes and provides organizations with over 40 event-related reports and labels.

In addition to Race Manager, we also develop and sell Race Driver and Race Driver Pro, a product developed with valuable assistance from competitors of all types, e.g. auto racing, karting, 4WD, motorcycles, R/C (radio control) and desert racing. It was released in January of 2002 to immediate acclaim. Race Driver is driver management software and it is designed to help drivers go faster by tracking the information from each practice or race and showing them where they can improve.

As part of Race Manager there are also many add-on modules that offer additional functionality, among them a Query engine, a Report Wizard, a Spreadsheet wizard, an email broadcast engine and an interface with AMB's ChronX, the leading timing & scoring software package. Whereas Race Manager is fully functional without the optional modules, the add-ons deliver exceptional value for low additional cost. In addition to Race Manager's status as a premium product, it is the leading commercially-available racing management software package sold today.

We specialize in providing highly detailed software that is capable of handling events for almost all types and styles of organizations, yet is specific enough to address individual needs.

Our software is sold from our web site directly to organizations without any distributors or dealer markup. It is in use somewhere in the United States every weekend of the year. Race Manager is used by many different types of organizations with interests that vary from club racing to karting and vintage racing, with driving schools, concours d'elegance, ice racing, and manufacturer's clubs in between.